<b>Don’t Let a Flat Tire Flatten Your Wallet</b>

Don’t Let a Flat Tire Flatten Your Wallet

Buy used tires in the Fall River, Massachusetts area

Could your car use a fresh set of tires? Would you like to avoid paying sky-high prices for new tires?

At Henry's Tire Service, we buy and sell used tires for cars, trucks and agricultural equipment. We know a flat tire can be an unexpected expense. We want to help you afford good tires at a reasonable price.

Planning to sell your car? Don’t shell out for new tires. Roll into Henry's to see what’s on sale.

<b>3 reasons to buy used tires</b>

3 reasons to buy used tires

Does your vehicle need new tires? Here are three reasons to check out the selection of used tires at Henry's Tire Service in Fall River, MA:

  1. You will save lots of money.
  2. We stand by our used tires and offer a 30 day warranty if there is a defect in the tire. 
  3. You will receive free tire balancing and old tire disposal with your purchase.
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